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Meditations from a Pastor's Heart

52 Sermon Outlines for Pastors, Preachers, Teachers,
Small Group Leaders, and for Personal Meditations.
By Pastor Jerome A. Jochem
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I want to touch four audiences through this Spirit Universe book.
• The first audience includes Christians who are involved or want to become involved in a Christian deliverance ministry. This book holds invaluable information that you need to know to minister in deliverance effectively.
• The second audience includes those who have “psychic” experiences and abilities that they have to deal with frequently. This book will show you the way to submit your abilities to God through the Holy Spirit and how to use them for the common good.
• The third group who will benefit from this book are those conducting parapsychological research or ghost hunting. The technical aspects of this book will be of great value to them.
• Finally, this book will be of help to those seeking a way out of the occult, Witchcraft, Satanism, Spiritism, and New Age movement.

I want the reader to know that I hold no animosity to any person, group, religion, or organization that I may mention in this book. All warnings given are attempting to keep people safe from both the psychological and spiritual damage that can readily happen to people who venture into the paranormal without proper caution and wisdom. Any mention of a specific population or group is based on my opinion and is not intended to slander, or in any way demean anyone.

Finally, this book is unique because it is a mix of personal experience, Biblical wisdom, science, and psychology all focused on the paranormal and supernatural. It is a tool that can be used in the Deliverance ministry and in parapsychological research. It is certainly one of a kind.

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