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Meditations from a Pastor's Heart

52 Sermon Outlines for Pastors, Preachers, Teachers,
Small Group Leaders, and for Personal Meditations.
By Pastor Jerome A. Jochem
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Table of Contents
Book 2 - 52 Spirit Filled Outlines

1. Four Keys to Understanding the Light of God 2. The Emotions of Jesus 3. Our Caring God 4. Union with Christ 5 The Anguish of a Father - The Cry of a Prophet 6. Thorn in the Flesh 7. Deliverance Ministry 8. Faith for Tomorrow 9. Five Principles of Great Worship. 10. Burdens 11. Powerful Prayer 12. Overcoming Discouragemen 13. The Shield of Faith 14. The Manifest Presence of God 15. The Progression of Biblical Healing 16. The Behavior of Love. 17. The Mystery of Doubting Thomas  18. Receive the Breath of the Holy Spirit 19. Christ and The Holy Spirit 20. The Holy Spirit as a Fire 21 The Seal - A Symbol of the Holy Spirit 22. The Giver of Gifts 23 .Sacred Cows and Missing Pearls 24. The Ascension - Six Facts 25. The Devil’s Schemes 26. When I Die 27. The First Bank of Heaven 28. The First Words of the Resurrected Jesus 29. Why Attend Church 30. The Seed of God’s Kingdom 31. The Transfiguration and the Glory 32. Foundations 33. Decision Time 34. Troubled Waters of Life 35. Updating the Spiritual Gifts 36. Walking with God 37. Adventures with God 38. Where to Turn When the World is Falling Apart 39. The Misunderstood Tithe 40. Christ our Valentine 41. Holy Communion 42. Two Miracles of Christmas 43. Christmas -The Preexistent Son 44. The Resurrection Body 45. The Easter Power of His Death 46. Independence Day 47. Father God 48. The Value of the Word and the Spirit 49. Nowhere to Hide  50. Trusting  51. Marriage or Marriage Renewal Service 52. Funeral Sermon
Sermon Sample Outline

Our Caring God

Text: Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:8 (NIV)

There are many Scriptures, in  both the Old and New Testaments that state we are to trust the Lord when we are afraid or anxious, and we are to place those anxieties upon him. (Proverbs 3:5 – 6, Philippians 4:6 – 7). In our Scripture for today, Peter tells us why we should cast our anxieties and fears upon  our Lord.. It proclaims that we should do these things because he cares for us. In this sermon, I would like to discuss what it means to have a God that cares.

To Care:
The word “care” in the Greek language means “to be concerned” or “to be of interest to.” We should cast our cares and anxieties upon God because he is concerned about us and interested in our lives. This is a remarkable idea for many reasons:
• Regarding our position in the cosmos, we are utterly insignificant, and yet God is concerned about us.
• Regarding our position compared to all of humanity, God is interested in our individual lives. It is a mind-blowing fact that the Almighty God of the cosmos, the one who made our vast universe, who is all-knowing, all-powerful, and everpresent takes an interest in our lives.

The Impact of Caring:
God expresses the fact that he cares for us in different ways.
• He will forgive us our sins when we confess and repent.
• He will show us mercy and compassion.
• He will intercede in our lives to change them for the better, according to his plans for us.
• He will always care which means that he will never abandon or leave us.
• He will love us to the end.

The Role of Trust:
The fact that God cares for us has a direct impact on our trust or in our faith in him.
• If we don’t believe that God cares for us and is willing to act on our behalf, then we will never trust him with our lives or with our problems. Instead, we try to solve our problems by ourselves. We fail in most cases because we do not have the power to implement the solution.
• If we do not believe that God cares for us, then we are not motivated to care for him. To care for a person implies a  relationship, and if a person feels that he is not loved, any connection will be weak at best.
• Without a fundamental understanding that God cares for us as individuals, our concept of God may be that of a remote, distant, and punishing deity. Such a god will not be trusted, but will instead cause fear in the most negative sense of the word.

It is fair to say that God’s position towards us is one of loving concern. Because he cares for us, we always have him on our side, and he is willing to intervene for us to help us overcome those fears, anxieties, and problems that we face as we live our daily lives. Our prayer should be that we learn to appreciate and depend on his loving concern because he genuinely does care for us.

Note: The form of this web sermon outline differs from the form used in the book. The book form is much better than the web form. This is due to the limitations of the web program I used to make the outline. The content is the same for both the book and this site.
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